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Welcome to Garden Star. We are a top choice for beautiful and unique garden art and sculpture in the Chicago/Milwaukee area. We manufacture and sell over one thousand art creations for gardens and landscapes, including original works of art hand made by the owner. These pieces are of the highest quality and meant to be enjoyed inside or outside your home. Garden Star offers a vast array of statues, planters, birdbaths, benches, gargoyles and beautiful original pieces than cannot be found any where else. We have an outstanding collection of both traditional and contemporary styles allowing you to customize your garden, creating a lasting impression and enjoyment for years to come. We strive to bring our customers the largest selection, offering products from several other suppliers around the country. Please browse through this small sample of products and services we offer. Inventory changes daily. Many items are available to special order. Visit Garden Star, located on the West Frontage Road in Kenosha, between Hwy 50 & Hwy 158 to truly appreciate our distinctive selection. Browse our 3 acre display lot with over 1000 unique items including bronze, granite, marble, cast iron, concrete, cast stone and more.
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